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Sizzle was a mobile nightlife application that allowed users to find the “hottest” places to visit in real-time and within a specified radius around them. As a co-founder, I was responsible for product development and design in order to create a distinct brand that would attract a core user base in the collegiate market.

In order to create a viral component that attracted users to Sizzle, we decided to create a “nightlife” focused Snapchat account that successfully gained over 1,500 followers in just one week – and at the time of the Sizzle launch – we had about 3 thousand followers (over 2.1 thousand views on each photo)! The account basically allowed users to follow us and send in “snaps” of them partying over the weekend. They were then automatically reposted on our “story” for all followers to see – anonymously.

Upon a successful launch in March of 2015, Sizzle amassed over 800 downloads in the first weekend and then began to steadily grow on a daily basis. The overall brand was successfully validated after multiple focus group sessions, in-person interviews, survey research, and a public beta launch. #TonightIsInYourHands